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  • What are your qualifications?

    At Anderson Wildlife Solutions, we understand that hiring a pest control company means you are placing your trust in us to restore your peace of mind, and we take that trust seriously. We are a fully certified and licensed pest control company, and our technicians are:

    • QualityPro Certified
    • National Wildlife Control Operators Association Certified
    • Standards Certified for rodent, bird management operator, zoonotic disease professional, and bats
    • Members of the National Pest Management Association
    • Members of the Colorado Pest Control Association
    • Members of the Colorado Wildlife Control Operators Association

    Do you have a question that wasn’t answered here? Call us at (719) 625-8688. We’re happy to solve your every pest or wildlife problem.

  • Do you service commercial properties?

    Absolutely! Our team has extensive experience servicing commercial properties of all sizes, so whether you manage an apartment complex or a warehouse, we can help for both pests and wildlife.

  • Do you offer ongoing wildlife control services?

    Our goal is to provide such a high-quality wildlife control service, that you will only need to call us once. We have seen that with the combination of our exclusion services with our wildlife control solutions our customers can count on a wildlife-free space.

  • How do you avoid catching non-target animals?

    Our technicians pair years of experience with specialized industry knowledge, so we are well versed in both pest and wildlife biology and behavior, allowing us to customize your treatment to your specific infestation.

  • Do all wild animals carry rabies?

    While wild animals can carry disease or carry fleas and ticks that contain diseases, not all wild animals carry rabies. A few telltale signs of rabies include excessive drooling, erratic movement, aggression, and being out and about during the day when they are normally nocturnal. However, it is safer to avoid wild animals altogether, so if any have entered your property, give our team a call.

  • What happens to animals that have been trapped?

    With years of experience trapping wildlife, we know what is needed to safely and effectively rid your space of nuisance animals. We follow all federal, state, and local protocols, and if there is a legal and safe habitat to release them, we will.

  • I hear scratching behind my wall. What is it?

    Chances are, if you are hearing scratches from inside your walls, you are dealing with a rodent problem. This is particularly true if most noises are heard at night. You can look out for other signs of a rodent infestation such as the presence of droppings or chew marks—or give our team a call right away and we’ll perform a thorough inspection to make certain you receive the right treatment for your space.

  • Do you offer repairs?

    We do! Our team understands that wildlife can be not only unnerving, but also damaging. That is why we go beyond exclusion and offer fast and reliable repairs, so your property can get back to normal. From patching drywall and ridding your space of unpleasant odors to roof repairs and insulation solutions, our team has you covered.

  • What does exclusion mean?

    Exclusion is the process of protecting your property from critters by guarding possible entry points. This can look like adding a chimney cap, vent guard, or mesh underneath your patio—and we will customize your exclusion service to your specific wildlife issue.