Animal Control

El Paso County Animal Control 

Solutions for All Types of Wildlife in Douglas County 

Anderson Wildlife Solutions offers prompt and effective animal control in El Paso County and Douglas County for animals living in attics, chimneys, crawlspaces, behind walls, or burrowing in the ground. Our technicians are available 24 hours a day for same-day emergency service for wildlife removal. In addition, we offer exclusion work and repairs for damage caused by nuisance animals. 

Protect Your Property from Unwelcome Critters

Professional animal control services can help you deal with a wide variety of unusual and challenging situations. Some of the common animal invaders in our area include raccoons, squirrels, skunks, foxes, mice, voles, rats, rabbits, birds, bats, snakes, coyotes, and beavers. Wildlife is often attracted to homes and commercial properties with easy access to food, water, and shelter. 

Often, homeowners are unintentionally welcoming animals onto their properties. If you have trees overhanging the roof, wood or debris piles in the yard, overgrown grass, and food or water sources that are easily accessible, wild animals are more likely to find your property interesting and stick around. 

You can avoid feeding wildlife when you: 

  • Keep pet foods inaccessible to other animals 
  • Don’t use bird feeders or minimize bird feed on the ground 
  • Store garbage in secure cans 
  • Use sturdy and protected compost bins 
  • Avoid leaving food scraps or trash outside 
  • Don’t feed wildlife 

Call for Prompt Animal Control 

At Anderson Wildlife Solutions, we are fully licensed, certified, and insured to provide quality services for animal control in El Paso County. Our technicians will handle every aspect of the job, from identifying and trapping animals to exclusion services and repairs. 

Get started by calling (719) 625-8688 for fast and reliable animal control service. 

Animal Control & Exclusion Services 

Attempting to trap and remove animals from your property can be frustrating and possibly dangerous. Whether you are dealing with rodents, raccoons, a skunk, or coyotes, professional El Paso County animal control provides a more effective and lasting solution. 

Effective animal control requires: 

  • A professional inspection – Animal control starts with an inspection of your property to identify wildlife activity and locate wildlife and their nesting areas. 
  • Animal removal and trapping – Animals are humanely trapped, removed, and relocated away from your property. In addition, dead animals can be removed. 
  • Exclusion – Removing live animals is only a temporary solution if steps aren’t taken to prevent new critters from gaining access to your property. Exclusion techniques vary depending on the type of animals but may include sealing entry points, installing screens for vents, using chimney caps, and replacing loose weatherstripping. 
  • Cleaning and disinfecting – When animals are nesting inside your home or walls, their nesting sites need to be cleaned and disinfected to kill germs. 
  • Repairs – Wildlife can cause property damage. Any holes or other damage will need to be repaired to restore your property and prevent new infestations. 

Due to the potential dangers caused by various wildlife and local animals, it is best to call for animal control services as soon as you notice a problem. Waiting to deal with nuisance wildlife or wild animals can result in further property damage. 

Please contact us at (719) 625-8688 for more information about our animal control services.

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